The Hexagraph Photo Gallery, Page 2
"Just a few pics from my September trip to Kodiak, putting a Hexagraph through its paces. They continue to be the best fly rods I've ever used!" - R.E.
A trio of upper Great Lakes Hexagraph-caught beauties - a King, Coho, and Brown Trout! - John Beth
John couldn't help himself - more fishing, more photos!
Hi Harry - Got to take the new Hexagraph #6/7 out today ... Wow - I love it ! I enclose a couple shots - coho, and that top brown was 30" (no steelhead moving in yet..) !.
The rod preformed beautifully and couldn't have been a better choice for this type of fishing - I fished it with a triangle taper Wulff #7..
Forget saltwater fishing :~).. this rod is perfect for the Great Lakes Rivers !! What a joy to fish with and own such a superb rod.. ! It will be my go to rod from now on !!
Thanks soooo much again... and better still ..... My shorter blank is due here tomorrow.... Wow - Christmas in November for me !!!

- Best, John Beth
Hi Harry : A short - amazing (to me anyway..) Hexagraph story.. As I search for the still un-arrived fall/winter steelhead yesterday - I was out in the cold wind (30+ MPH at times..) with dark skies and ever present threat of rain/snow..(insert background music "Wreck of theEdmond Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot here...)

It was 2:30 PM and fishing was painfully slow... The swinging flyline drift interrupted for a second - and I struck hard..the weight on the end was solid and for a moment..motionless.. The upriver run exploded and within 3 minutes took me under a fallen (45 degree angle..) tree in deep fast water.. I had no choice but to lose the big fish or "follow it - (it entered on the left of the tree and exited on the right.. of course..) The rod (and the angler..) took a beating..I got wet and beat up but the rod did amazingly one point I had to "hand-line" the leader as I passed the rod (then myself..)underneath..

Once we were all back in the main current of the swollen river..the fight continued for another ten minutes as I slowly worked the fish to the far, down stream fishing buddy watching with a smile.."looks like you got in a little trouble up there"?? (sort of like the comment.."other than that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play"?..)

The Brown Trout was 32" long with a 19" girth.. something in the 15 1/2 Lb range... The 6/7 Hexagraph stayed with me - the huge Brownzilla trout, and the wintery dark river -flawlessly to the end..I lay the rod next to her for a photo..then watched her swim back into the dark, wintery river...

Thought you'd enjoy the story.. what a rod - day - fish - memory...

Thanks again Harry.. John Beth

Here's that 9' #6/7 (LOVE IT !!!!) that I bought from you Harry - with the 5" extension / fighting (switch) butt I made for it - rare to find a fresh "spring" brown (they run in October??) up the river but here's a 7 pounder - ( I think it just wanted to be photographed with a cool rod..)
Same rod with a nice , bright 27" steelie...
Here's that 7-1/2' ("Last rod" ) #7/8 - best I could do for its first fish was a "drop back 27" steelhead held over from the fall..and it looks like it.. : ) Rod is wonderful!
How's this for the 1st outing of the small rod I made from the 3 piece blank I got from you last winter - from a spring creek farm pasture in WI.. a 20" native brown !! That (I must say..) is a remarkable fish from a small stream !! After seeing it early..took me all morning to catch it ! Must be the magic in the rod!!

Thought you fellows would enjoy seeing your amazing rods in action !! Both will head to Montana in September!

Dedicated Hexagraph customer Chris Pencak with a nice Steelhead from the St. Mary's, Ontario.
Hexagraph enthusiast, Paul Koulouris with an early season Massachusetts rainbow, he reports the stream there is so fertile that the stocked rainbows are reproducing, so this one is a “native”.
We start 'em young. Garrett Gage with his Hexagraph Natural, a nice cap, and a good start.