The Hexagraph Sales Pitch
The Case for the Solid Fly Rod
In The Words of Others
(The Sales Pitch -- Why Buy a Hexagraph)
by Harry J. Briscoe, President, Hexagraph Fly Rod Co

What do we look for when we go about buying a new fly rod? In this time of so many choices, and so many claims in the advertising, how does one choose one rod over the next? What are the qualities that influence the ultimate decision about which one to try? Do you make your own judgments, or do you simply go with what someone else says about a rod?

Now, I could answer those questions for you myself, and in so doing, I could make the case for my rods over others by making my own claims about them. That would be a normal sales approach, and I would then hope that my words would convince you to try my HEXAGRAPH.

In this little essay, though, I am going to take a different tack. I am going to pitch my rods to you, but in the words of other people, people who have no economic interest whatever in HEXAGRAPH - just people who have bought one for themselves, and who then, unsolicited, were impressed enough to sit down and write me a note telling me how they feel. I think it's an impressive story.

But, back to those reasons for buying. For me, choosing that new rod comes down to an analysis of just several basic qualities. Foremost among these is performance (accuracy, power, and durability), then perhaps, comes aesthetics, and then maybe a measure of the personal satisfaction that one receives from owning and fishing the rod. At HEXAGRAPH we say we build fly rods that “fish great, look great, don't break”. ….. But there I go with my own words. Let me share how real people feel about these things when it comes to HEXAGRAPH.

These first comments are mostly from “plain folk”, probably like you – fishermen who know what they like. The second group come from fly casting and fly fishing industry professionals who make their living in some aspect of fly fishing and who “tell it like it is”. I think the story they tell is compelling!

Regarding Performance:

"I fished your 8-footer on Silver Creek and found it to be the best rod I've ever had. It is an absolutely first-rate product. It casts wonderfully, is very supple under large active fish and is extremely accurate." J.B., CO

"If you haven't cast a Hexagraph go out of your way to do is a revelation." J.B., ME

" was the most precise experience that you can imagine...the Hexagraph's unique design makes you a smoother, more accurate caster." H.G., CO

“I’m sold! That is one tough little rod; it requires no babying. I used both 3- and 4-wt. lines. The DT 3 performed just as well as the 4. I like the action, which produced accurate and delicate presentations. What a great small stream rod, it fishes as good as it looks.” G.R., MO

“On impulse I bought your 7’6”, 4-5 wt.. It has been an absolute joy….It never disappoints, and (when) I switch back to my Sage or an old T&T bamboo, I find myself wanting for the Hex.” W.T., MD

"It casts like a dream, smooth and powerful." W.G., UT

"I cast half a dozen of these in various lengths and actions. Each amazed me with their accuracy and effortless ease of casting." J.P., CA

"It's the accuracy and delivery that keeps a Hexagraph in my hands." R.T., GA

"The accuracy was outstanding and the feel and action of the rod is nothing less than superb." E.S., NJ

"We supremely tested four Hexagraphs at our lodge last summer ... not one broke ... that is most unusual."..."(it is) the right choice for control and precision."..."neither cane nor tubular graphite stand up to the Hexagraph." J.R., Chile

"The action is absolutely perfect, smooth and superbly accurate. I was also amazed with the power." S.deV., AK

"I found it hard to believe the accuracy of this little is awesome."
P.G., New Zealand

“This Classic is utter and pure perfection! There are not enough “o’s” in the word smooth to describe how it casts!” B.Sn., CO

About Aesthetics

“Just a note to thank you for the most beautiful fly rod in my collection! Your interest, cooperation and follow-through in working to my specs in producing this rod was both refreshing and very gratifying. The quality of the final product more than exceeded my expectations! …… its’ performance is exceptional.” D.H., PA

"the best workmanship I have ever seen - they are spectacular." D.P., VA

"These are the two most beautiful rods I have ever seen.." J.R., Chile

“The rod and reel together are absolutely beautiful with a classic, traditional look. I cannot express enough gratitude for your help in making this a very special retirement for a very special officer.” T.P., IL

"Aesthetics and workmanship... with performance and sensitivity." R.L., WA

"The superb craftsmanship you have displayed in my Hexagraph is a true work of art and a fine example of your commitment to excellence." H.D., WA

"These rods are incredibly sturdy as well as beautiful." The Angler's Journal

And About Satisfaction

“I LOVE this rod!!!!” M.T., CA

"If you try a Hexagraph fly rod you will be satisfied with nothing else." B.A., TX

"I have never fished with such a wonderful rod as this Hexagraph." S. deV., AK

“I enjoy the “feel” of the rod and I find it so easy to cast. The finish is top notch and although I am more interested in a rod’s performance than its looks, it is hard to beat in the aesthetics department. The rod has fast become my favorite, replacing my trusty Loomis. I find the slightly slower casting stroke perfect for me and I enjoy casting the thing so much that I have to force myself to keep the fly on the water.” … “You have a great product and should proud of your company.” J.C., MO

"I like my Loomis GLX and my many Orvis rods, but I'm afraid I'll be using them less now, and my Hexagraph more ... I'm a believer." S.S., PA

"My closet is full of rods our company makes and none of them will do what this rod does. This is an incredible fly rod. I'm sold!" Anon., Exclusive dealer of a big-name tubular rod.

"You folks truly understand what makes a fly rod extraordinary." J.C., NY

“Casting the rod is a real 4-wt. pleasure. The rod is beautiful. Thanks for your great service. … (I) am dizzy with delight. She puts out so much for a short rod the boys at the boat launch were astonished.” M.K., CO

"They are the best I, or my customers, have ever fished." D.P., VA

"Your rods are truly exceptional." J.M., guide, MT

"I can't tell you how much I love your fly rod. It is so smooth and so accurate."
J. M., PA

"The science behind what you are doing is flawless and your execution is magnificent." J.S., AK

"Your 'satisfaction or my money back guarantee' is unique, but I'll bet not many take you up on it." B.B., NH

"After using the Hexagraph I switched back to my favorite tubular. I took a nice fish but the rod now felt flimsy ... I couldn't wait to get the Hexagraph back in my hands." J.R., Chile

"These rods may revolutionize fly-casting." G.S., UT

I've got a lot more of these quotes, and I’ll be happy to send them to you, but I think you get the picture. Our customers really like our fly rods, and they take the time to tell us about it. We've also had some professional people write reviews about HEXAGRAPHS. Some are straightforward technical pieces and some venture into the artistic. Truly, these rods have a significant impact on people who get to know them. A few excerpts;

"I've never fished a rod that handled line better than the Hexagraph ... never, Hell of a product." David Foster, Exec. Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal

"... all yawning ceased in the middle of my first cast...sixty, seventy, eighty feet of line sailed through the air with little input from me... I loaded it up on the back cast, and basically just watched as the rod delivered the forecast almost by itself. As I slowed down a bit, it got even better. The fly hit the water exactly where I was looking - every time." Bill Battles, editor of Fly Fish America on the Miramichi Guide's Choice which his magazine picked for its 1997 Editor's Choice award.

"Hexagraph's Small Stream Series ... manage to be both light and lovely in close while retaining a flair for distance ... you simply shouldn't be able to cast that much line with rods this tiny and delicate."..."I liked all the three-weights, although I liked some more than others. The little Hexagraph was a crackerjack." James Babb, Editor, Gray's Sporting Journal

“Hexagraph custom fly rods are a refreshing change of pace if you like to really enjoy your fly fishing. The look and feel recall an earlier day, but the crisp strength of the rod says it is today’s generation. These finely crafted rods give you the look and feel of cane rods without the undesirable “noodly” action normally associated with cane. ….. Even though solid and very strong, they balance well in hand and don’t feel heavy. …. I have caught giant bluegills, largemouth bass to six pounds, smallies, fat rainbows and browns, even three to five pound juvenile snook and tarpon on my Hexagraph 3- and 4-weights. Bill Byrd, GA, professional writer and fisherman

"This rod is no gimmick, but a genuine breakthrough and a rugged dependable product." Hugh Gardner in Streamside

“Hexagraph rods are the most versatile I have ever fished. On the San Juan you need a rod that can fish from top to bottom, one that fishes dries as well as nymphs with ease, and one that can fight large fish on the light tippets we use. My 8’6”, 4/5 does this and more. There’s nothing like it on the market.” John Tavenner, professional guide, NM

“The dressing on the Miramichi Guide’s Choice (9’, 8/9-wt.) is nothing less than stunning. If I could have my picture taken holding any rod just for the rod’s sake, this would be the one. I have seen a great many rods in my day, but the full assemblage of this rod ranks it very high in my recollection of style. It looks are high on your priority list, this rod will not disappoint! But, the question is … how does it fish? Many rodmakers these days use the word ‘traditional’ as a not-so-kind substitute for ‘slow and unresponsive’. As it applies to Hexagraph, this is definitely not the case. … Style, power and finesse – what more could one want in a rod! …. After demo-ing the Miramichi I realized something I had not often experienced in my testing … I wasn’t going to want to give this rod back!! This big rod is sensitive enough to feel the fish, yet has enough ‘guts’ to control anything you’re likely to get yourself into. Thomas Duncan, journalist and product reviewer, CA, on www.flyanglersonline

"Hexagraph will be to fishermen as certain wine vintages are to discerning collectors. There will surely grow a solid fraternity of anglers who will sense and appreciate the unique collection of aesthetics, feel, and practicality that this new-old-techno-craftsmanship represents."..."I don't trust the word 'perfection', but this Hexagraph comes as close as it gets to having the best of both worlds." Jim Repine, lodge owner, professional guide, photographer, journalist.

"On the stream, I quickly found that the nine footer in my hand didn't seem to care whether it cast my six-weight line twenty-five feet or fifty. Without a false cast the difference was accomplished with startling ease, almost as though the rod were thinking on its own...I felt like the rod's companion, not its master...The rod was becoming a part of my angler's analysis of the stream, part, even, of my consciousness...One feels that the rod is doing the work, that it's not all coming from the angler's shoulder. Timing is more relaxed, a wider range of casting styles work equally well...Hexes are forgiving...Everything's graceful, easy, obliging, harmonious...All's a part of everything else."
Gordon Wickstrom, freelance, frequent contributor to American Fly Fisher

It pleases me that people feel as they do about our fly rods. I would hope that their comments might cause you to think about trying one yourself. I am confident that you, too, will be amazed at the new horizons in fly-casting that you discover. If you feel that the risk of the unknown is too great, ask us about our 30-day money-back guarantee. You can find out what these folks are talking about with absolutely no risk. I really do believe that you, too, will become a convert. Then, after that happens, there's only one thing left to do - write me a note.

Tight Lines -
Harry Briscoe