Hexagraph Testimonials
Comments from Hexagraph Owners
"Just wanted to thank you so kindly for the gorgeous 11 wt. Hexagraph, this rod is hands down above all others....it performed well beyond expectations on the Skeena river as well as Chase halt brook, I caught and landed two king salmon within 1/2 an hour of line on the stream 1st fish was 57.6 pounds and the Hexagraph controlled this massive fish with exceptional ease, second fish was 34.9 -pounds and the rod was almost to much for this fish ...as I was able to reel him in without any effort and the rods power is un real !!!!...I could not be happier with this slick and stout rod, even Benjamin Hatton, our guide said he had never casted a rod so sweet.....he may order one from you and many other anglers were in awe....great job and I most certainly will continue to support you and Hexagraph well into the future...best wishes and stay well." - Robert DeFelice

"Harry...just a note to share with you my first impressions of the new 8 foot, 4/5 weight natural blank I just completed. The rod is a real beauty, just to look at. But I lined it up this afternoon and took it outside to get an idea of what it can do. I used a 4DT, Hook and Hackle line on it.
The rod's ability to cast JUST the leader up close is outstanding. I lengthened my casts out to 45 feet or so, and the rod responded with out a strain. It only took 3 or 4 casts even at the longer ranges to get down the required timing, which mostly was just "not hurrying" the forward cast, but applying power smoothly. The loops were narrow and straight and with no tip bounce waves. The rod does indeed possess a sweet progressive taper, and the loading progressed perfectly down the rod shaft as I lengthened my casts. Even out at 45 to 50 feet, the rod still had plenty of reserve "butt" left, and at no time did it feel like it was reaching its maximum line handling capability.
I like glass rods too, but often glass will feel like it is on the verge of collapsing when you near its limits. The Hexagraph NEVER gave me that feeling, regardless of how far I pushed it. The Hexagraph has that "bamboo" feel and smoothness, but recovers very quickly like I would expect a graphite rod to do.
My favorite graphites are some of my 20 to 30 year old Orvis unsanded rods, and the Hexagraph has their progressive loading feel, but seems to have more reserve, even at longer casting distances.
My car is in the shop for some repairs right now, but hopefully when I'm on the road again, sometime next week, I am going to take my new Hexagraph down to the White River in Arkansas and see what I can get into with it. I will be fishing a Terenzio 4.5 DT silk line with it, and I know it will be a casting cannon with the silk.
I think my new Hexagraph will rate right up there with my Bob Lancaster and Dennis Stone bamboo rods, and might even see more use than those from now on. Thanks for a splendid product and count me as a new convert. This Hexagraph will be a superb fishing tool, and I'm glad I chose the 8 foot, 4/5 weight as it will be a perfect all around trout rod. Thanks for your time. It's a beautiful product." - Bill A., Monett, Mo.

"...the Hexagraph is a pure pleasure to cast and fish. I still marvel at the things I can do with mine that I can only come close to doing with my regular graphite rods. ... It really does add another dimension to the time spent on the water." - John S. - MT

I received my new Hexagraph rod last night, after dark, so I could not test its casting qualities. My first impression (and my wife's as well) was that it is beautiful as a work of art. This morning I cast it with a WF4F line over grass (New England in late December has no open water) and was astounded at its performance, even without a proper water haul. The rod drives itself with no shoulder effort, permitting a concentration on accuracy rather than demanding a concentration on power. After twenty minutes of climbing the learning curve I dropped a hookless fly in front of a white-throated sparrow picking seeds on the ground at a full 60 feet(!), so close that he pecked at it as if it were an insect suddenly dropped by the gods for his nourishment on a cold day. Needless to say, I am more than pleased. D.P.

... I can’t see for the life, of me, why the ‘Hex’ isn’t the most popular rod in the country. I’ve used them “All” and the Hex is, by far, the best - in every respect -- from ‘the basic engineering” to the actual ‘casting’ ability.
From an engineering point-of-view ... You don’t have to be an rocket scientist, or an aerospace design engineer -- to realize the effectiveness of a solid rod, rather than one that bends into an ‘oval’ when casting. I’ve used “Them All” over the years. ‘Am now in my 79th year -- and, have been fly fishing, since I was 12. The Hex, is head and shoulders over them all. I’ve run into that ‘Syndrome’ many times before. Some people, just don’t want to be convinced! ‘Don’t know, for sure -- what it takes? One of your previous comments: “Like casting w/a 3,000-dollar bamboo, for a fraction of the cost” - Hits the “Nail on the Head!” And, I’ve cast (my father’s) bamboo years ago.
In short … “I’m Sold!”
A few years ago, I landed a 49-Pound King Salmon, on the Upper Sacramento (near Red Bluff), using the ‘Hex’. ‘Was in a boat -- landed it about 3-miles downstream. The Hex handled it, beautifully! No Problem!
Hal Alderson., Bend, OR

When I fish with the Hexagraph I think I know how Bach must have felt when composing music! J.S. PA

Don't know if you recall - we had a dialogue last year about travel rods and breakage. My brother and I broke several rods in Chile in '04, and I was pretty ticked off.
So this year I took a couple of Hexagraphs. They did great! It was fun to travel and fish with confidence. Between the 5-weight and the 7-weight, I nailed some very strong and large rainbows and browns, including coho and king salmon and sea run trout. And needless to say, no breakage. (Meanwhile another guest at the lodge was taping his Sage tip to keep it in place; another took a 4-piece 8-weight Sage out of the tube to find it was now a 5-piece!) J.B. California

I bought a 9' 6wt. Classic earlier this year. I'm extremely pleased with the rod. My Orvis T3 is a casting rod. Your classic is a fishing rod, it does everything so well.
When I first tried it this February (couldn't wait), I was impressed with it's ability to handle line on the water. Roll casts and mends were so easy.
Line handling is still a premier feature but now the casting stroke is second nature as well. It's now my rod of choice. K.W.

This is absolutely the best-loading rod I have ever laid my hands on! J. A., NY

I have had my original Hexagraph 7’, 3-4 for 6 or 7 years now, and I have to tell you it fishes much better and handles excellently compared with my Orvis Bamboo of equal size and weight. I just wanted to drop this line to you to let you folks know what an excellent product you make, and at half the price. R.A., RI

These rod are kind of like a single malt scotch, you have to be a little patient to acquire the taste for them; after that happens, nothing else is ever the same. R.B., TX

I want to thank you again for that beautiful rod...it is gorgeous to say the least . It is an ideal rod for Cohos, no doubt about it. I was tossing a 9-weight sinking line and it loaded like a dream. .. after a 10 minute battle, I had brought to grasp a 15-16# male in full spawning color. I will cherish this rod for as long as I live... They make fun of me because I sleep with it in the tent every night! M.M., AK

Within 30 seconds or a minute of my first lawn cast, it was hitting a dandelion in my yard at 45 ft. didn’t matter if I was using the 4-wt. or the 5-wt. line. Incredible. E.E., MN

Your rod and reel are superb – everything you said they would be. In fact, as I worked tiny dry flies in a fairly strong wind, I was utterly amazed at the control I had. Worth every penny. Thanks for bringing me closer to one of the most stunningly pleasurable sports left on this globe. L.W., TX

Sporting Classics – Awards of Distinction -- 2003
Hexagraph Fly Rods

Hexagraph rods may be one of the best-kept secrets in the fly-fishing industry. That’s a real shame, because they are fantastic fishing tools?..Any flyrod that is relaxing to fish, that loads and seems to cast itself, that lays out line with the best of them, deserves more attention – and an award of excellence.

I routinely take four or five rods with me on my trips to Montana, but I find I never use anything but my Hex..... it handles several different line weights perfectly, much to the amazement of my fellow travelers. J.B., RI

I’m sorry about not having your demo back to you yet. It’s just been a long time since I’ve had this much fun with a rod. The T-3 that Orvis sent has dust coating its case, as does the St. Croix Legend Elite. Since I took my first trout on a Hexagraph, life just hasn’t been the same. Until your rod arrived here, I’d spent my time toying with the latest line launchers on the market. The Hex made it clear that there are rods with which to show off your distance casting, and then there are rods with which to fish. The Hexagraph is one that falls into the second category – an angler’s rod. The Hex is easily capable of laying out long amounts of line, if that’s what you’re into, but the majority of my fishing is within 30’- 50’ of my waders. Your rods do great work up close and personal.
Best of all, I wasn’t forced to remake my casting stroke to fit the rod’s response time. I’ve struggled lately to get the best performance out of a few of the new rods. Such was not the case with the Hexagraph. Your rods do it all – perform beyond measure, allow me to look like a better caster than I really am, and gift me with almost a deft touch fishing close-by. They also feel right in hand. My Grandfather would have liked your line of rods - and that’s saying something! By the way, I hooked up with a brown that was over five pounds, and the Hex handled the bruiser like it was a walk in the park. You build a heckuva rod!

I really love that little 8', 4/5 wt. That rod actually has a soul! Anon. Orvis Dealer